Singer songwriter Kuniko Fukushima was born in Okayama prefecture.
Winning the 14th YAMAHA popular Song Contest started her singing career.
In 1978 she debuted with FORLIFE record . Since then 15singles and 11albums were released.
Besides her own songs,she composed for Naoko Ken,The Checkers,Anri, Akina Nakamori,Yutaka Mizutani, Shingo Kazami and others.

She had a solo concert at New York Nippon Club in 2002,in 2005 her compositions appeared
as theme tracks for NHK BS  ‘Retto Jyudan Tetsudo Noritsukushi no Tabi’ ,and ‘Iwasaki Kyoko no Teku Teku Tabi’.
In 2006 she composed a commemorative song ‘Kitto’ for Sanya Elementary School of Suginami Ward in Tokyo and she had a concert at the school.

In her early days, she played the electric guitar and sang like Linda Ronstabt songs.
In recent years,she has come to appreciate Japanese songs using commonality of words to treat them respectfully in her compositions and singing, which has become her mantra.